2005 ACT Tested Graduates Likely to Be Ready for College-Level Work in Specific Course: Minnesota and Nationally

Higher percentages of Minnesota test takers were more college ready for English, social science, algebra, and biology than students nationally. However, both groups had low percentages who were college ready in math and science.

College Level Course Percent of students ready for college-level work ACT Benchmark Score* Minnesota students taking courses known to achieve benchmark** Courses taken to achieve the minimum ACT benchmark score
  Minnesota Nation  
English76%68%1882%4 years of English
Algebra53%41%2248%Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, plus another advanced math course
Social Sciences61%51%2177%3 or 4 years of social sciences
Biology37%26%2444%General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Students meeting all 4 ACT benchmark scores29%21%

*ACT has determined that this score is the minimum score needed in the subject area to have a 75 percent chance of obtaining a C or higher in corresponding credit-bearning college courses.

**Percent of Minnesota students who are taking the specific sequence of courses needed to achieve the minimum ACT benchmark score.

ACT has defined the minimum core high school courses as 4 years of English and at least 3 years each in social science, mathematics, and natural science. Recent research by ACT shows that it is the rigor of high school courses, rather than the number of courses, that best prepares students for life beyond high school.

Source: ACT

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