College Readiness of 2005 ACT Test Takers in Minnesota by Race/Ethnicity

Minnesota students of color were less college ready overall than white students for English, social science, algebra, and biology

English ACT Score *Percent College Ready in English Composition: ACT score of 18 or higher Reading ACT Score *Percent College Ready in Social Science: ACT score of 21 or higher Math ACT Score *Percent College Ready in College Algebra: ACT score of 22 or higher Science ACT Score *Percent College Ready in Biology: ACT score of 24 or higher
All Students21.67622.76122.15322.437
Am Indian18.85820.94419.22920.625

*ACT has determined specific benchmark scores in each subject tested as the minimum scores needed in the subject area to have a 75 percent chance of obtaining a C or higher in corresponding credit-bearing college courses.

Source: ACT

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