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Enrollment at a Glance


In fall 2012, there were 453,107 students enrolled in Minnesota public and private postsecondary institutions.

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Enrollment at Minnesota Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2012

Enrollment by Institution TypeUndergraduateGraduateTotal
Total All Minnesota338,681114,426453,107
Community and Technical Colleges134,796 134,796
State Universities62,4996,23968,738
University of Minnesota49,88718,52968,416
Total Public247,18224,768271,950
Private Colleges and Universities48,73416,43865,172
Private Career Schools25,9771,19627,173
Private Online Schools*16,67369,28985,962
Private Graduate and Professional Schools1152,7082,850
Total Private91,49989,631181,157
*Data from Capella University and Walden University, two online institutions with national enrollments.
Level of EnrollmentUndergraduateGraduateTotal
New entering students, total52,480  
New entering students, Minnesota residents41,688  
New entering students, Minnesota residents and 2012 high school graduate30,027  
Secondary/high school students (PSEO, dual enrolled)27,084  
Enrolled full time207,15162,333269,484
Enrolled part time131,53052,093183,623
Gender not reported2,1921,4643,656
*63,622 women (11,239 undergraduates and 52,383 graduates) were enrolled at Capella and Walden Universities, two online institutions with national enrollments. Women comprised 76 percent of enrollment at online institutions.
Black or African American*30,12126,82656,947
American Indian3,1108773,987
Pacific Islander360132492
Two or more races10,4691,34411,813
International student8,8836,90615,789
Race/ethnicity not reported15,44413,41028,854
*30,292 Black or African American (5,515 undergraduate and 25,642 graduate) students are enrolled at Capella and Walden Universities, two online institutions with national enrollments. Black students comprised 35 percent of enrollment at online institutions; white students were 40 percent.
19 and younger92,0121992,031
20 to 24130,4599,345139,804
25 to 3466,32845,098111,426
35 and older48,83858,803107,641
Not reported1,0441,1612,205
Minnesota resident269,34631,872301,218
Residency not reported4,7331,7916,524
*83,432 nonresidents (15,944 undergraduates and 67,488 graduates) were enrolled at Capella and Walden Universities, two online institutions with national enrollments. Minnesota residents comprised only 2 percent (2,195) of enrollment at online institutions.

About the Data

The student enrollment data reported on this page and subsequent pages are derived from the Office of Higher Education student enrollment record data base. The data base contains unit records for students enrolled during the fall in Minnesota's public and private postsecondary education institutions.

Institutions are asked to provide unit records for students enrolled on the tenth day of fall term, or the institution's official fall reporting date. Institutions without distinct academic terms, such private career schools, are asked to provide enrollments using the three-month period, July 15 through October 15, as a proxy for tenth day data.

Beginning with fall 2005, all institutions eligible to participate in a Minnesota-funded student financial aid program are required to report their student enrollment data to the Office of Higher Education.

A compendium of fall enrollment data can be found in the Basic Data Series.

Specifications given to institutions on data reporting requirements can be found here.

See glossary for definitions used in student enrollment reports.


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