Financial Aid Estimator for Aid Administrators 2019-2020

This financial aid estimator is designed for experienced financial aid staff familiar with the FAFSA and need analysis formula. If you are a student or a parent, please use our financial aid estimator for families.

This estimator does not contain the assumptions or reject edits used in Federal Methodology and bases results on the actual data entered on the screen and the following:

  • 2019-2020 need analysis formula
  • 2019-2020 Pell Grant award table (max award: $6,195)
  • 2019-2020 reported tuition and fees
  • State Grant LME of $9,930
  • State Grant private tuition maximums of $15,142 and $5,963
  • State Grant student share of 50%
  • State Grant proration of FM PC by 82%
  • State Grant proration of FM EFC by 38% (independent with no dependents)
  • State Grant proration of FM EFC by 74% (independent with dependents)

The results are intended to be estimates; The Office of Higher Education holds no liability for estimated results that do not match official results. Enter dollar amounts in round dollars with no commas or $ sign.

Dependency Status     
State of Legal Residence
Marital Status      
Student/Older Parent's Year of Birth (yyyy)
Eligible to File Short Tax Form?      
Qualify for SSI, food stamps, free/reduced price lunch, TANF or WIC?      
Dislocated Worker?      
Household Size
Number in College
Adjusted Gross Income
U.S. Income Tax Paid
Income from Employment—Student/Father
Income from Employment—Student's Spouse/Mother
Untaxed Income
(from FAFSA #45[student] #94[parents])
Income Exclusions
(from FAFSA #44[student] #93[parents])
Cash, Savings and Checking
Real Estate and Investment Net Worth
Business/Investment Farm Net Worth
Does the student have children or legal dependents other than a spouse?     
Is the student's spouse enrolled half-time or more?     
Program Level     
Block State Grant Calculation