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Get Ready helps prepare students and families from underrepresented populations with college planning, academic assistance, & information on career and higher education options.

Curriculum & Lessons


The Get Ready program has its own set of curriculum that is taught in the direct-service schools by a GR staff member. GR curriculum is also taught in other school across Minnesota by staff members from Get Ready's outreach sites. Topics in the curriculum range from goal setting and finding mentors to types of colleges and financial aid.

What Will I Be? Cover photo What Will I Be? helps fifth grade students learn about goal setting and self-esteem, and ties skills and interests to career choices.
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Great College Mystery cover photo Great College Mystery helps sixth grade students explore their higher education options and introduces them to financial aid concepts.
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Financing Your Future cover photo Financing Your Future helps seventh-grade students learn about basic financial concepts and understand how to save and pay for postsecondary education.
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Within My Reach cover photo Within My Reach helps eighth-grade students explore their interests and talents, relate those to possible careers options and discover how to use high school to achieve their college dreams.
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