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Get Ready helps prepare students and families from underrepresented populations with college planning, academic assistance, & information on career and higher education options.



The Get Ready program has its own set of curriculum that is taught in the direct-service schools by a GR staff member. GR curriculum is also taught in other school across Minnesota by staff members from Get Ready's outreach sites.

The curriculum was developed in a collaborative effort within the Get Ready program. The work was created by committee with members of the grade level staff, evaluation team members and administrators with a knowledge of the historical context of the program. Objectives were established based on research driven practices in college and career knowledge acquisition, academic preparedness and personal identity. Lessons were then developed with those objectives in mind.


This curriculum aims to challenge students to understand the importance of higher education through a variety of exercises covering identity, exploring high school, colleges, and careers. We want "college and career success for all Minnesotans," and we feel that these interconnected exercises are steps towards achieving our mission, vision, and core values.

Searching for identity can be an amazing experience and for many students, finding their identity can be a struggle. Identity continues to play a big role throughout a student's high school and college years. We hope to help broaden their decision-making capacity and have them consider their identity in their career, high school and college search. A lot can happen in high school and college. We feel it is our job as educators to teach and prepare our students socially and academically for what milestones to adulthood are ahead of them. By allowing students to connect identity with high school, college, and careers, we hope that they make a well informed and confident decisions for their future. The curriculum nurtures the students to get a glimpse of their future selves and to know that they have the power of choice in all the steps along the way.


The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase students' progress over the course of a year in the Get Ready program. They will be able to identify their work around career, college and academic performance and show proficient organizational skills. The portfolio will be a project under construction during the course of the school year culminating into a collection of student work, thoughts, and reflections. It keeps them in tune to what is going on in the Get Ready classroom each lesson by connecting each program component to the next stop and then, to their final project. The portfolio is a terrific resource to provide a summary of what they discovered about themselves and what they learned during the school year.

Objectives of Portfolio

  1. The student will connect their identity with their personal path to college.
  2. The student will be able to draw connections between their high school experience and future aspirations.
  3. The student will be able to identify their next steps to future self.


More Information

Sheila Nelsen
Curriculum Development Specialist