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Get Ready helps prepare students and families from underrepresented populations with college planning, academic assistance, & information on career and higher education options.



What is Get Ready? Is it the same as GEAR UP?

The Get Ready program helps prepare students from low-income families and those from groups traditionally underrepresented in college with college planning information, academic tutoring and information on career and higher education options. The program is administered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and is funded primarily through a federal GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) grant, making Get Ready a GEAR UP program.

How can my school (or organization) be part of the Get Ready program?

There are two ways that schools participate in the Get Ready program:

  1. Direct Service: Schools that met federal GEAR UP eligibility criteria were selected by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to receive specific types of services under the federal GEAR UP grant. Get Ready is not adding additional direct service schools.
  2. Get Ready Outreach: Schools that have student populations that are at least 50% free/reduced lunch eligible or organizations that serve free/reduced lunch eligible students are invited to participate in Get Ready Outreach. Such schools and community organizations can receive the Get Ready college awareness and access curriculum for free. See Outreach.

How can I apply for a Get Ready staff position?

When position openings occur, the positions openings are posted on the Get Ready website. Typically, positions openings occur during the summer months, but can happen any time. Available position openings are also advertised in a variety of online newspaper sources and often posted in other locations.

College Student Tutoring Positions with Get Ready

The Get Ready program uses college students as tutors in our direct service schools. We have partnerships with postsecondary institutions to help us hire Work Study eligible college students to act as College Corps tutors for our Get Ready students. To see if you qualify, see become a tutor and then contact the Financial Aid Office at your postsecondary institution.

How can I stay connected with Get Ready?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information on Get Ready programming, events, and other college access news.

Are there any other GEAR UP programs operating in Minnesota?

North Hennepin Technical College currently has a GEAR UP grant and works with specific schools in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. More information about that program. Minneapolis Public Schools also have a GEAR UP grant and work with the schools in their school district.

Can our school or organization apply for a federal GEAR UP grant?

Information about any future GEAR UP application process will be posted on the U.S. Department of Education website.