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Strategies to Evaluate Online Education


More and more institutions are offering programs using the Internet. Online opportunities give you the option of learning in flexible, convenient and personalized formats. Today, some colleges offer entire programs online. The quality of online education can be excellent, providing students with experiences, exercises and assessments that rival the traditional classroom.

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Most of the questions you should ask any school before enrolling also apply to online education. If the school has both on-campus and online students, ask for information that specifically reflects the experiences of online students since their experiences may differ from those attending traditional classes. There are a number of additional questions you can ask to help you identify program and technical requirements as well as the academic and technical support available.

Beware: the Internet presents a new means for educational scams and fraud.

You should be able to find the answers to many of these questions from the school's website. If the information you need is not available there, then call, write or e-mail the school.