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Can You Transfer Any Credits?


Each institution sets its own policies for accepting credits transferred from other institutions. Promises about transferring courses should be checked carefully. Transfer problems are a large cause of student confusion and disappointment.

If you have taken courses that you would like to transfer to a new school, ask the admissions or registrar's office to review your transcript before you enroll. Courses you have taken before will not automatically transfer, even if they are from an accredited institution.

If you think you might want to use course work from the institution you are considering to count later toward a program at another school, contact the future institution and ask the admissions or registrar's office:

  • From which types of institutions do you regularly accept credits?
  • What kind of information is considered when making decisions regarding credits from other institutions?
  • Have you accepted credits from the school and program I am now considering?

Information is also available from Minnesota Transfer, a statewide guide on transferring prior credits between Minnesota institutions.