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Reports on College Awareness, Access and Preparation


Several online national directories have been created to provide information about and links to relevant reports and articles on college awareness, access and preparation. Here are two exceptional databases:

Minnesota Reports

  • Minnesota College Readiness Program Inventory
    Publisher: Minnesota Office of Higher Education
    Pub Date: 2015
    Description: This report is survey of the landscape of college readiness programming and services across Minnesota and a summary of the data provided by 63 programs mainly serving high school and beginning college students. The report provides a context of the needs of college readiness to enhance the understanding of who is served and why these programs matter.
  • College Access Matters: The Opportunity for College Access Programs in Minnesota
    Publisher: Minnesota College Access Network, Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, Inc.
    Pub Date: 2006
    Description: This report provides information for those seeking to make investments that enhance or expand Minnesota's college access programs to serve more students.
  • State of Students of Color
    Publisher: Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, Inc.
    Pub Date: 2009
    Description: The report provides a comprehensive view of the educational experiences of students of color in Minnesota schools, colleges and universities. It highlights the significant demographic changes affecting perspectives about schools and communities in Minnesota.
  • Stretching Minds and Resources: 20 Years of Post-Secondary Enrollment Options In Minnesota
    Publisher: Center for School Change, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
    Pub Date: 2005
    Description: This report evaluates the effectiveness of Minnesota's Post-Secondary Education Enrollment Options program and identifies areas for improvements.
  • 20 Years in TRIO: A report on TRIO programs in Minnesota 1984 through 2004
    Publisher: Minnesota Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MnAEOPP)
    Pub Date: 2006
    Description: The report highlights activity and outcomes of TRIO programs in Minnesota.
  • The 1999 Minnesota High School Follow-up Survey: Post-Secondary Education Choices of the Minnesota High School Class of 1999
    Publisher: Minnesota Office of Higher Education, Minnesota Department of Education
    Pub Date: 2001
    Description: The report concludes that while Minnesota seeks to provide access to postsecondary education for all its citizens, significant gaps in college participation exist between students and families with limited financial means and those with higher incomes.


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