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Financial Resources for Adult Students


If you have been away from school for awhile, your needs probably differ from those of 18 year-old college freshmen. You may need to consider career changes, family priorities and full- or part-time employment responsibilities.

Although you may feel alone, you're not. Almost 35 percent of the independent students applying for Minnesota State Grants are over 30 years old.

Financial Aid

There is no age limit for federal and state financial aid, but many aid programs are limited to undergraduate students.

Learn more about the major federal and state financial aid programs available. Contact the financial aid office at the school you are considering to find out if it has additional aid programs geared toward adult students, such as the Alliss Grant. The financial aid office also may have other suggestions about how you can reduce your expenses while attending school.

Employer Programs

Some employers may also provide undergraduate or graduate scholarships to their employees and the employee's spouse or children. Your employer can tell you if it has such a program available. Also check if your employer participates in Employer-Paid Tuition Assistance

If you were recently laid-off and need to update or learn new skills, you may be eligible for a dislocated worker grant.

Education Tax Credits and Deductions

Although you may end up paying for some of your education expenses out-of-pocket, education tax credits and deductions can decrease the amount of taxes you owe to the federal government.