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Minnesota's E-Transcript Initiative

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What is the Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative? The state of Minnesota has joined forces with the Midwestern Higher Education Compact to facilitate the electronic transfer of high school transcripts to colleges and universities throughout the state and nationwide. This is made possible through the Compact's contract with Docufide, Inc.

Minnesota high school students applying to colleges will be able to easily and quickly forward their official high school transcripts to their colleges of choice through a new paperless e-transcript system. The service also supports colleges processing transcripts electronically to other schools and third party destinations.

Who is directing this initiative? MHEC conducted an RFP process and selected Docufide to offer this program to the 11 Midwestern states. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education has convened an advisory committee with representatives from the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota Private College Council, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, the University of Minnesota, Minnesota public schools and the Office of Higher Education.

What is the college's role? Postsecondary schools can register, at no charge, to be able to receive high school or college transcripts. Postsecondary schools may also register to process and send their transcripts electronically through the initiative. Register to receive transcripts.

What is the high school's role? High schools may also register to process and send their transcripts electronically through the initiative.

What are the costs? The state, through the Office of Higher Education, has provided a one-time subsidy to bring the program to Minnesota and subsidize part of the service costs. For schools to send transcripts, there is a one-time installation fee of $212 per school (minimum of $425 per district or postsecondary institution). There is no cost to receive transcripts. A flat annual rate for the school is available to pay for the transcript costs. If not subsidized by their school, students pay $2.55 to deliver electronic transcripts and $4.25 to deliver paper transcripts.

What Next? Participation is voluntary. The state, with the help of Docufide, will let high schools, colleges and universities know about the e-transcript initiative. The more schools that participate, the more effective the initiative will be for students.

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June 18, 2007 News Release:
College application process gets easier with Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative

Docufide presentation June 12, 2007 [ .ppt, 3MB ]

Audio of June 12, 2007 Docufide meeting [ .wma, 54MB ]

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