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Make an Educated Decision


It's good to have options when choosing a college. Applying and being admitted to more than one school allows you to compare how much financial aid you would receive from each school and determine the cost for you to attend.

If you qualify for financial aid, you will receive a Financial Aid Award Letter from the school. This letter outlines the specific financial aid programs for which you're eligible and the dollar amounts you will receive if you attend that school. How much you're eligible to receive will vary by school due to the differences in the school's overall cost and how they put together your financial aid package.

Use a financial aid comparison worksheet to evaluate the financial aid package offered by each college.

Choose your school based on everything you know, including the price, and confirm your plan to attend that school. Most schools ask for a deposit to reserve a place in the class. Also, you should send a note to the schools you do not plan to attend, declining their offer of admission and/or financial aid.

If you have specific questions about a financial aid package, call the financial aid office at the school.