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Tricia Grimes honored for her contributions to financial aid administrators

Last Friday, OHE policy and research analyst Tricia Grimes was surprised to receive the MAFAA 2012 Special Recognition Award at their annual conference in Brainerd. This award is presented to a person who consistently provides outstanding service to MAFAA and is affiliated with the financial aid community.

During every legislative session, Tricia provides members of MAFAA with detailed yet concise summaries of legislation that impact higher education. She also volunteers with committee members often, and meets with the Leadership Symposium participants prior to their visit to the Capitol, to name just a few of her many contributions.

The people who nominated Tricia called her a true leader in financial aid and a keeper! We agree!

Congratulations to Tricia on receiving this important reward!

Tricia Grimes receiving award

posted by Sandy Connolly • 5/7/2012 at 5:09 PM