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Summer Academic Enrichment Eligible Programs

Program Info
Program: Summer Science Camp
Sponsoring Organization: The Bakken Museum

Main Contact
Name: Justin Spencer
Title: Associate Director of Ed
Address: 3537 Zenith Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Phone: (612) 926-3878
Curricular area: Science
Grades Served: 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9


Goal 1. Provide high-quality STEM experiences through summer science day camp programs to over 400 youth that inspire them to think creatively, collaborate with peers, engage in STEM and learn more about STEM careers.

Goal 2. Increase access to youth from underserved communities by removing barriers through financial aid scholarships.


Summer camp at The Bakken Museum provides students opportunities to develop creative and problem solving skills through hands-on personal projects. Students use real tools and materials with guidance of mentors to design and build their own invention. Students are a part of a community of empowered campers who enjoy making and see the world as a place that can be made better with a little innovation and hard work. Students work individual and in teams to solve creative problem solving challenges, learn about science based magic tricks, work on design challenges.

Program Dates

Program Start Date: June 10, 2019 Program End Date: August 23, 2019 Camp Length: One week

Can students reside on campus? No

Can students commute to campus? Yes

Can students take online classes?

Estimated commuter cost per student
Tuition: $380
Fees: $0
Books: $0
Supplies: $0
Transportation: $0