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Campus Financial Aid Administrator Resources
         Minnesota State Grant Program Administration
                 Historical List of State Grant Schools
                 Schools Not Participating in SG On-Line Questionnaire Sy...
                 State Grant Manager System Instruction Videos
         SELF Loan Administration
         Minnesota State Work Study Program Administration
         Postsecondary Child Care Grant Program Administration
         Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program Administration
         Minnesota GI Bill Program Administration
         Public Safety Officer's Survivor Grant Administration
         Program Forms, Spreadsheets & Instructions
         Financial Aid Estimator for Aid Administrators
                 Financial Aid Estimator for Aid Administrators 2017-2018
                 Financial Aid Estimator for Aid Administrators 2018-2019
Collecting Data from Minnesota Postsecondary Institution...
Statewide Financial Aid Conference
Campus Student Enrollment Reporting Resources
Ordering Materials for Your Students
Supplementing Your College Counseling
Campus Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
Minnesota's E-Transcript Initiative
FAFSA Completion Initiative
Shared Library Resources
Student Homelessness in Higher Education Resources
Early Awareness Efforts
         Early Awareness Resources
         Early Awareness Program Characteristics and Evaluation