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Educational Attainment Goal 2025
         Reaching 70 Percent Attainment Goal
Data Maps and Infographics
Higher Education Accountability
Minnesota P-20 Statewide Longitudinal Education Data Sys...
College Readiness & Participation Data
         College Readiness Programs Offered in Minnesota
         Dual Credit and Exam-based Credit Acceptance
         International Baccalaureate
         Postsecondary Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment
         Advanced Placement
         Getting Prepared
         College-Going Activity: National Student Clearinghouse
         College Participation Rates
                 Where Minnesota High School Graduates Go to College
                 High School Graduate Projections
                 Race/Ethnic Participation Rate Trends
         SAT/PSAT Scores
         ACT Scores
Student Enrollment Data
         International Students and Study Abroad
Degrees, Graduation Rates, Attainment & Outcomes
         College Graduate Outcomes
         Educational Attainment Data
                 Minnesota Educational Attainment, Population Age 25 to 6...
                 Percent of Population with Associate Degree or Higher, T...
         Graduation Rates
                 Graduation Rate Trends of Minnesota Institutions
         Degrees Awarded in Minnesota
                 Glossary of Degree Levels
                 CIP Program Codes
                 What is a Career Cluster?
Financial Aid Data & Trends
         National Postsecondary Student Aid Survey Data
                 Cumulative Borrowing Across the States
                 Student Budgets and Net Prices Across States
                 Demographic and Financial Aid Data for the U.S. and Minn...
         Loans, Debt & Net Price
                 Net Price
                 Graduate Debt
                 Federal Loan Default Rates
         FAFSA Data
         Minnesota Financial Aid Programs and Policy
                 Other Financial Aid Program Data/Reports
                 Tuition Reciprocity
                 Teacher Shortage Loan Repayment Program Data
                 Summer Academic Enrichment Program Data
                 State Work Study Data
                         State Work Study Program Activity by Type of Institution
                 SELF Loans Data
                 Public Safety Officer's Survivor Grant Data
                 Postsecondary Child Care Grant Data
                         Child Care Grant Program Activity by Type of Institution
                 Minnesota GI Bill Data
                 Indian Scholarship Data
                 State Grant Data
                 Minnesota Financial Aid: Appropriation & Recipient Trend...
         Financial Aid Awarded to Undergraduates Attending Minnes...
                 Search Financial Aid Awarded to Undergraduates at Minnes...
Tuition & Fees Data
         Minnesota System-Level Undergraduate Tuition & Fee Trend...
         Wisconsin Tuition & Fees
         South Dakota Tuition & Fees
         North Dakota Tuition & Fees
         Minnesota Tuition & Fees
Student Health and Safety
         Sexual Assault Data Report
         Study Abroad Health and Safety Resources for Students an...
         Study Abroad Health and Safety Report
Institution and Data Search
A-Z Data Table Index
Research Reports
         Tuition Reciprocity Annual Reports
         Minnesota State Grant Reviews: 2006 and 2008
         Minnesota State Grant Spending Projections
         State Grant End-of-Year Statistics
         Basic Data Series