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Minnesota Financial Aid Programs


Minnesota state government provides over $180 million annually in postsecondary student financial aid to help students from low- and moderate-income families finance their postsecondary education. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education is responsible for administering these state-funded student financial aid programs.

The largest financial aid program is the Minnesota State Grant Program. However, there are several smaller programs targeted for specific student populations to help support their financial needs.

Data trends on funding and program recipients are available on individual program pages.

The Campus Financial Aid Administrator Resources section explains the criteria for student eligibility, statutes governing the program, and agency rules used to administer each program.

Using Data to Determine Institutional Participation in State Student Aid Programs

The 2013 Minnesota Legislature mandated the Office of Higher Education to collect data and identify criteria that could be used to determine institutional eligibility to participate in state financial aid programs. Two reports were prepared: