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MN Reconnect


The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) and Minnesota State are partnering to develop a new pilot program to support adult learners called MN Reconnect.

The pilot program is made possible by financial and technical support from the Lumina Foundation and the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO). The four-year grant will support Minnesota State students who return to college to earn a credential of economic value after an absence of two or more years. MN Reconnect focuses on encouraging students who have some college credits but no degree to return to college using financial incentives, addressing barriers, and providing one-on-one support. Similar programs are underway in Tennessee and Indiana. New pilot programs are launching in Maine, Washington and Oklahoma.

MN Reconnect has four components:

  1. Targeted outreach and re-enrollment of former Minnesota State students
  2. Navigation and support in the re-enrollment process
  3. Targeted financial assistance, including emergency grants, and
  4. Program evaluation

Participating Institutions

  • Inver Hills Community College
  • Lake Superior College
  • Riverland Community College
  • South Central College

Available funding for students starting fall 2018. More student eligibility information TBA in spring 2018.

Questions about the program? Email Meredith Fergus