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Minnesota Decision Day


Minnesota Decision Day is Friday, May 4, 2018 at the University of Minnesota in Ted Mann Concert Hall. This event is being hosting by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, Get Ready, University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Reach Higher Team. As counselors, teachers, and administrators we play an important role for all students as they make life-changing decisions. There is none bigger than the decision to continue ones education after high school.

What is Minnesota Decision Day?

Minnesota Decision Day (MDD) is an event associated with the Better Make Room campaign to celebrate seniors making their post- high school plans. This event is also an opportunity to encourage a postsecondary planning culture among all students. Focused on celebrating ALL students who are continuing their education after high school, Minnesota Decision Day event was inspired by a college athletics tradition, where high school athletes get national attention as they sign letters of intent to attend a particular institution. In a similar way, Minnesota Decision Day publicly commends seniors who commit to pursue a postsecondary pathway (college, trade school, military service). Seniors will have the chance to proclaim publicly their plans, promoting a postsecondary planning culture in our state.

What is the purpose of Minnesota Decision Day?

The purpose of Minnesota Decision Day is to get students excited about their postsecondary plans and introduce the postsecondary culture for younger students. By applauding students who are going to college, trade school or military, younger students will increase their own educational aspirations. Through partnerships with postsecondary education institutions and local organizations, this event can also help grow the relationship between local colleges, our school, and the students who will be attending those institutions.

When is Minnesota Decision Day?

Across the country, many schools are planning events on or around May 4th to celebrate high school seniors and their postsecondary decisions. We will be celebrating at on May 4th at Ted Mann Concert Hall on the University of Minnesota campus from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

How can I be a part of it all?

Register by selecting the link: MN Decision Day.

What can students expect?

Celebrity status for the day!  We are gathering to celebrate you and your peers. You can expect fun, food, great give-a-ways and prizes.  

How will I get there?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide transportation. We encourage you to work with your school counseling staff, college and career staff or other school administrators to help coordinate transportation for you and your peers.

What should I wear?

Everyone there will be wearing postsecondary gear (college t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.). Be sure to wear something from college, university, trade school, technical school, or military branch you have selected as your postsecondary choice. Dont have a shirt or hat from wherever you are headed after high school? Wear their colors and represent!

Interested in hosting your own event?

Want to host an event at your school or in your community? Use the resource below to register your event and apply for funding to help bring it all together.

Thanks to Donors Choose and the College Football Playoff Foundation, hosts can receive up to a $500 grant towards your MN Decision Day /College Signing Day event! The money can be used to buy supplies from a list of over 20 approved vendors.

To be in the running to receive the money, please follow these steps:

  1. Register your event on
  2. Go to and create a school counselor or teacher account.
  3. Create a project for the materials you need for College Signing Day.
  4. Once your project has been screened by the team, you will be notified. Make sure to email your project link to We will provide hosts up to a $500 donation to support College Signing Day projects that have been created on

What if I can't make it to the event?

We would love to hear from you! Share your decision with us via social media.

FB: @MNOfficeofHigherEd
Twitter: @MNOfficeHiEd
Snapchat: @mnofficehied


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