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Guidance for Institutions on clinical, lab-based, or hands-on coursework


Options to address clinical, lab-based, and hands-on coursework:

  • Delay instruction of coursework that cannot be converted to alternative delivery methods until health crisis is over. This may delay term completion.
  • Modify class structure to incorporate (see community mitigation measures)
  • Provide alternative learning experiences to modify coursework in a manner that does not compromise the quality of education; i.e. term paper, video reports, etc.
  • Continue instruction of coursework that can be modified to include additional health and safety protocols.

What the right option is will depend on the whether the clinical, lab-based, or hands-on coursework is:

  • Required for licensure
  • Accreditor or licensing board will not or has not approved for alterations to the learning requirement
  • Necessity of the skills learned for employability in field
  • Availability of faculty to modify class structure and staggering of classes
  • Ability to initiate additional health and safety protocols like social distancing of 6 feet per person or cleaning of shared tools and lab materials
  • Ability of students to attend or complete modified requirements

For more information, see Resources of alternative learning models