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SELF Loan Program


The Minnesota Student Educational Loan Fund (SELF) Program helps students who need assistance in paying for education beyond high school. The SELF Program is a long-term, low-interest educational loan available from the Office of Higher Education. The program is distinctive to Minnesota, and the Office of Higher Education is the only lender in the program.

Students can learn more about the program, apply online, and complete their SELF counseling at

Program Overview

The SELF program does not receive state appropriations. Funding for SELF Loans is obtained through the issuance of revenue bonds. The revenue bonds are repaid from interest earnings.

Before applying for a SELF Loan, students are required to seek other sources of federal, state, institutional, and private aid for which they may be eligible.

Loan limits under SELF V are $20,000 for students enrolled in a bachelor's degree, postbaccalaureate or graduate program with a cumulative maximum of $140,000 for undergraduate and graduate borrowers. Students in other programs are eligible for up to $10,000 per year with a cumulative maximum of $30,000. The minimum loan amount is $500.

SELF Loan Documents