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Minnesota Financial Aid: Appropriation & Recipient Trends

Every two years the Minnesota Legislature makes appropriations to fund student financial aid programs. Minnesota devotes most of its state-funded financial aid to students from low- and moderate-income families. The Minnesota State Grant is the largest state-funded financial aid program, and nearly 100,000 undergraduates receive a state grant. See State Grant and Federal Pell Grant Spending Trends.

Minnesota Student Financial Aid Program Appropriation Trends
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*The first state appropriation was given to the Minnesota State Grant in 1984.

**The Office of Higher Education administered the MN GI Bill on behalf of the MN Department of Veterans Affairs through an interagency agreement from 2008 to 2019.

***Indian Scholarship program was transferred from the Minnesota Department of Education in 2007.
Note: In 2003, no students received earnings from the Minnesota State Work Study program; the entire appropriation went to cover a shortfall in the State Grant program.