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Getting Prepared 2017 provides information about college enrollment and developmental education course-taking among Minnesota public high school graduates. Developmental education course-taking can be used as a measure of college readiness.

Getting Prepared 2017

What is Getting Prepared?

Getting Prepared reports the college enrollment and developmental educational activity of Minnesota public high school graduates enrolling in college within two years of high school graduation. The report fulfills the legislative mandate Minnesota Statutes 13.32, subdivisions 3 and 6.

What is developmental education?

In this report, developmental education is a term used to refer to programs offered by postsecondary institutions to prepare students for success in college-level work. Remedial instruction, the term used in Minnesota Statutes 13.32, can imply courses which repeat material taught earlier that the student did not learn adequately the first time. For many educators, developmental education is a broader term encompassing pre-college-level education and other academic support services that may benefit students for any reason.

While postsecondary institutions typically assess the academic readiness of new high school graduates for college level coursework during the admission process, a variety of college technical programs require less than college-level skills in reading, writing and/or math. College graduates with occupational certificates or diplomas in several fields can obtain a living wage job without being assessed college ready.

How many Minnesota graduates enroll in developmental education?

Overall, Minnesota does well in moving students from public high school to college, but not all graduates enrolling in college are at the same academic preparedness. Of the approximately 29,000 high school graduates in 2016 enrolling in college in Minnesota, only 20% (5,661 students) enrolled in one of more developmental education courses.

  • Developmental math has the highest number of enrollees (3,478 students).
  • Students successfully complete 74% of developmental education credits.
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities serves 96% of graduates enrolling in developmental education.
  • Overall, developmental education rates for the state are declining.
  • Disparities in developmental education enrollment exist for key groups of students: students of color, non-native speakers and lower income students.

Preliminary Data for the High School Graduates of 2016 (February 2018)

Getting Prepared (December 2017)

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