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Transfer Students

The Minnesota Transfer Students dashboard summarizes the transfer patterns between year 1 and year 2 for students enrolled as New Entering Freshmen. The transfer data is disaggregated by fiscal year and term of entry, institution and sector of origin, institution and sector of destination, race and ethnicity, sex, age, financial aid status, and residency.

The Minnesota Transfer Students dashboard is a legislatively mandated report under Minnesota Statutes 136A.057 Student Transfer Reporting. Please note that this report only includes students formally transferring as indicated by the college registering the student as a “New Transfer Student”.

This group excludes:

  1. Students earning credit from PSEO, Concurrent Enrollment, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, CLEP, military service, or prior learning assessment if they have never enrolled as a New Entering Freshmen student in a prior term at a different institution,
  2. Students enrolling in courses at more than one institution in the same term without formally transferring, and
  3. Students completing a credential at their first institution prior to formally transferring, as required by the legislation.