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SAT and PSAT scores of Minnesota high school test takers

In Minnesota, about 4 percent of 2018 college-bound seniors took the SAT. Nationally, about 50 percent of high school students take the SAT and about half take the ACT. The ACT test is the most commonly taken test in Minnesota.

Typical Minnesota SAT test takers are considering application to selective colleges and national scholarship programs and are predominately in the top 20 percent of their high school graduating class.

Minnesota SAT test takers:

  • 2,264 took the SAT, compared to 2,061 last year
  • 38 percent (877 students) were students of color, compared to 713 students from last year
  • Minnesota students of color scored higher than students nationally

Minnesota PSAT test takers:

  • 16,185 11th grade students took the PSAT or 23 percent of students
  • 5,869 10th grade students took the PSAT or 8 percent of students


About the SAT and PSAT

College Board Race/Ethnic Background notes: Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, test-takers were given new options for reporting race/ethnicity; caution should be used in comparing data collected from previous years.

The SAT is administered by the College Board. The SAT test helps colleges determine how well students are prepared for college. Colleges use the SAT scores for student admissions, advising, and placement. Some colleges require incoming freshmen to submit SAT scores rather than ACT, while some accept either test. The SAT includes a critical reading, math, and writing section. Each section is scored on a scale of 200-800, with an average score of 500 in each section. The College Board administered the redesigned SAT in March 2016.

The PSAT/NMSQT is co-sponsored by the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. In 2015-2016, the College Board introduced the PSAT 10 and PSAT 8/9 designed for high school students to take in corresponding high school grades. The test contains actual SAT questions, but is designed to be slightly easier than the SAT. It helps students prepare for the SAT and students can use the results to compare their college readiness early in high school with other students. The test is also used to enter competition for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. In 2015-2016 the PSAT/NMSQT were redesigned and the scores are now on the 160 to 760 scale; previous scores were on a 20 to 80 scale.

Minnesota SAT State Profile Report.


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