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Direct Admissions Minnesota


Every student is “college material.” This core belief is the driving idea behind the Office of Higher Education's new program called Direct Admissions. This pilot program will notify graduating high school seniors from selected Minnesota high schools that there are multiple partner colleges and universities that are eager to admit them based on their academic records and their projected graduation date. This program will allow students to apply with confidence, knowing that the "will I get in?" question has already been answered with a "YES!"

How does Direct Admissions work?

Early in the school year, seniors at participating high schools who are on track to graduate will receive personalized communication, co-signed by their high school and the Office of Higher Education, that lists all participating Minnesota colleges and universities they are proactively admitted to. Students must then complete a FREE admissions application for each of the colleges and universities they are interested in attending. All participating colleges and universities are waiving application fees as part of the Direct Admissions program.

Although students have received “direct admission” to the institutions on their list, they still must submit applications to their colleges and universities according to their application deadlines. Some schools may require additional materials, such as essays and standardized test scores. Students are encouraged to conduct their own research, visit the institutions’ website and/or campus, look into majors and programs, and consider tuition costs and financial aid options.

Students’ applications will be processed according to the timeline indicated by each college or university’s website. Students will receive an official acceptance letter after they have submitted their application. Students can contact the institution directly with questions about the status of application.

There are over 50 Minnesota colleges and universities participating in the Direct Admissions program, including a full range of community, technical, tribal, public and private institutions.  Click here for a full list of participating colleges and universities.

If students are interested in postsecondary institutions that are not on their personalized list, they will want to follow the standard application process for the schools they are interested in. 

We strongly encourage all students to apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Financial Aid which is used to determine eligibility for both federal and state financial aid programs. The federal Pell Grant and the Minnesota State Grant provide grants to more than 120,000 students each year. Half of all students who apply receive a Pell Grant or Minnesota State Grant. Grants are based on the cost of the college chosen, family size, and income.

Information materials and resources for students and families


For more information, please contact:

Aaron Salasek
Coordinator of Direct Admissions Minnesota
Tel: 651-259-3915

Wendy Robinson
Assistant Commissioner for Programs, Policy, and Grants
Tel: 651-259-3903