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Financial Aid Data & Trends


The Office of Higher Education administers Minnesota's statewide financial aid programs and tuition reciprocity agreements with neighboring states.

These programs are an important part of overall funding for higher education in Minnesota. They assist students and families in paying the tuition and fees charged for postsecondary education.

Financial aid totaling $3.3 billion helps Minnesota students and families pay for postsecondary education, money that is provided by the state and federal governments, colleges, and private sources. Minnesota students receive $1.5 billion in grants and scholarships, $1.6 billion in loans and $48 million in work-study earnings.

Minnesota devotes most of its state-funded financial aid to students from low- and moderate-income families via several grants and scholarships:

Additional student financial aid is available to Minnesota students through work and loans:

Report: Assessing the Feasibility of Creating a SELF Loan Refinancing Program

In response to 2014 legislation (Laws of Minnesota, Chapter 312, Article 1, Section 13) requiring OHE to assess the feasibility of creating a SELF Loan Refinancing program, OHE tentatively plans to offer long-term, low-interest educational student refinancing loans on a pilot basis. The report outlines OHE's tentative plan to offer the proposed pilot SELF Loan Refinancing program's framework, proposed timeline, and recommendations.

Search financial aid awarded to undergraduates at individual institutions.

Find staff reports on student financial aid and data about Minnesota's student financing programs.


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