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Dual Training Grants

Expanding dual training and apprenticeship programs in Minnesota



The Minnesota Legislature established the PIPELINE Project in 2014 to expand dual training and apprenticeship programs in Minnesota.

In 2015, the Minnesota legislature created the Dual Training Grant program with the intent to help employers and partnering training providers deliver a dual training program for employees lacking industry-developed occupational competency standards. The Office of Higher Education (OHE) is administering these grants, in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI). DLI is working with Minnesota business leaders to identify occupations and competencies within the PIPELINE industries.

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Competency Standards Identified

Dual Training Grant applicants may apply under occupations in four industries that have been identified by DLI through their work with Minnesota business leaders. Below are occupation planning guides for all identified occupations and competencies:

Program Inventories

Inventories of related instruction education and training providers are available for each of the PIPELINE industries and can be used by employers to develop a dual-training program (M.S. 136A.246 subd. 3). The inventories are available on DLI's website at the following links:

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For Dual Training Grant Questions (applicant and grantee documents): please contact OHE at or (651) 355-0609

For PIPELINE Project Questions: please contact DLI at

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