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Dual Training Grants

Expanding dual-training and apprenticeship programs in Minnesota



In support of the implementation of the Minnesota Private Investment, Public Education, Labor and Industry Experience (PIPELINE) program administered by the MN Department of Labor and Industry (DLI), the 2015 Minnesota Legislature established the Dual Training Grant program administered by the MN Office of Higher Education (OHE). The Dual Training Grant program (Minnesota Statutes 136A.246) is a funding source that generates collaborative and strategic educational solutions between employers and related instruction training providers across Minnesota. A dual-training model pairs on-the-job training with related instruction to generate a comprehensive platform for learning. Employers may apply for Dual Training Grants to reimburse related instruction costs of dual-training programs in occupations for which competency standards have been identified among the four PIPELINE industries of Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health Care Services and Information Technology.

Competency Standards & Program Inventories

Dual Training Grant applicants may apply under PIPELINE Program occupations in four industries that have been identified by DLI through their work with Minnesota business leaders. In addition, inventories of related instruction education and training providers are available for each of the occupations and can be used by applicants to develop a dual-training program (Located here:

Please refer to the below links to access industry and occupation information:

Contact Us

For Dual Training Grant Questions (applicant and grantee documents): please contact OHE at or (651) 355-0609

For PIPELINE Program Questions: please contact DLI at

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