ICAP: Formerly Incarcerated Students


Increasing access to postsecondary attainment and the support of students who have formerly been incarcerated.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education administers the Intervention for College Attendance Program: Formerly Incarcerated Students Grants (ICAP FIS). The 2023 Minnesota Legislature appropriated one-time funding through Minnesota Statutes 136A.861 to foster postsecondary attendance and retention by providing outreach services to students who have formerly been incarcerated. Grant funds are awarded to programs providing significant opportunities for formerly incarcerated students to have available resources, skills, and guidance to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Eligible applicants include the following organizations, located in Minnesota, that provide eligible services to eligible participants

  • Public and private postsecondary institutions
  • Professional organizations
  • Community-based organizations

What are Eligible Services?

Eligible services include the following pre-postsecondary and postsecondary education services for eligible participants:

  • Academic counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Navigator services
  • Transitional planning for college education
  • English as a second language services
  • Academic enrichment activities
  • Tutoring
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Orientation to college life
  • Financial aid and literacy education/counseling

Who are Eligible Participants?

Eligible participants are individuals who have formerly been incarcerated and are pursuing or participating in postsecondary education. Participants are not limited by the type or status of their incarceration release; therefore, a participant on work release would be considered formerly incarcerated for the purposes of this grant.

ICAP FIS may fund support services for eligible participants in preparation for and throughout their entire postsecondary education experience. Eligible participants may be new, returning to, or continuing their postsecondary education.

How Much Money Can a Grantee Receive?

A total amount of $291,000 is available in grant awards for fiscal year 2024. Applicants are not limited by a maximum grant amount. However, applicants may receive partial grant awards based upon competitive priority parameters, budget efficiency, and/or availability of grant funds. The intention is to award as many grants as possible within the means of available funds. ICAP FIS is a one-time funding source, so future funding is unavailable.

Upon award, grantees are required to match the grant amount dollar-for-dollar. The match may be cash or in-kind contributions.

What is the Proposal Process?

This program is one-time funding and the 2024 proposal period is closed.

Fiscal Year 2024 Grant Recipients

2024 Request for Proposal (due 2/23/2024): PDF

  • Faribault Public Schools
    • Project Title: Next Chapter
  • Minneapolis College
    • Project Title: Paving the Path: Re-Entry Services for Justice Impacted Students
  • Minnesota North College
    • Project Title: Future Forward
  • Minnesota State University Mankato
    • Project Title: Academic Re-Entry Advisor Position – SST Program

Who do I Contact with Questions?

For ICAP FIS questions, please contact the Minnesota Office of Higher Education at  GWI.OHE@state.mn.us.