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Coronavirus Updates


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Latest News:

08/17/2020 ‐ Newly Updated Guidance for Colleges and Universities to Mitigate COVID‐19

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has updated their guidance  intended for colleges and universities planning to reopen their campuses in the fall. The document emphasizes the importance of reducing transmission opportunities and minimizing risk to people at high risk, while also supporting students and communities. The requirements and recommendations for higher education institutions are meant to be implemented according an institution’s settings and circumstances. Please review our COVID‐19 Preparedness Plans page for relevant information and resources.

Read MDH's Guidance for Mitigating COVID‐19 at Higher Education Institutions.

Additional Information:

Archived News:

07/16/2020 ‐ MDH issues Guidance for Colleges and Universities to Mitigate COVID‐19

06/09/2020 ‐ New Executive Order Allows for In‐Person Classes of Up to 25 Students

06/05/2020 ‐ Newly Issued Guidance for Postsecondary Institutions Reopening This Fall

06/01/2020 ‐ Colleges Are Authorized to Reopen Campus Following Specific Guidelines

04/01/2020 ‐ OHE is Temporarily Closed to Visitors

03/27/2020 ‐ Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund and Emergency Financial Aid Grants

03/27/2020 ‐ SELF and SELF Refi Payment Relief Options

03/27/2020 ‐ College Board Cancels May SAT