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Latest News:

01/12/2021 ‐ New COVID‐19 Intercollegiate Sports Guidance for Higher Education

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has issued a guidance intended for intercollegiate sports activities only, relevant under the Executive Order 20‐01 (EO 20‐01) in effect from Sunday, January 10, 2021, with key requirements that impact intercollegiate sports and athletics. Under EO 20‐21, multi‐team (greater than two teams) events or tournaments are not allowed until January 14, 2021.
This guidance document outlines prevention strategies to reduce the spread of COVID‐19 during sports activities. This document is intended for organizers and participants of college sports. In‐person organized sports activities for intercollegiate athletics must follow the requirements described in the guidance.
Read MDH's COVID‐19 Intercollegiate Sports Guidance for Higher Education.

11/23/2020 ‐ New Free COVID‐19 Exposure Notification App is Available to All Minnesotans

Today, Governor Tim Walz announced the release of Minnesota’s free app COVIDaware MN, an app that will notify citizens if they’ve been near someone who tested positive for COVID‐19. If a someone tests positive, they can use the app to anonymously notify anyone they’ve been near.

The free exposure notification app can help Minnesotans make sure they are staying as safe as possible and can take action to keep their family and community safe. By understanding exposure risk, Minnesotans can make more informed decisions about their health.

Download COVIDaware MN today from the Google Play Store or App Store, and encourage your colleagues, family members, and friends to do the same. The app is free and does not collect any personal information or track your location.

Additional Information:

Archived News:

11/19/2020 ‐New Executive Order reinstates safety measures on certain activities to slow the spread of COVID‐19

08/17/2020 ‐ Newly Updated Guidance for Colleges and Universities to Mitigate COVID‐19

07/16/2020 ‐ MDH issues Guidance for Colleges and Universities to Mitigate COVID‐19

06/09/2020 ‐ New Executive Order Allows for In‐Person Classes of Up to 25 Students

06/05/2020 ‐ Newly Issued Guidance for Postsecondary Institutions Reopening This Fall

06/01/2020 ‐ Colleges Are Authorized to Reopen Campus Following Specific Guidelines

04/01/2020 ‐ OHE is Temporarily Closed to Visitors

03/27/2020 ‐ Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund and Emergency Financial Aid Grants

03/27/2020 ‐ SELF and SELF Refi Payment Relief Options

03/27/2020 ‐ College Board Cancels May SAT