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Summer Academic Enrichment Eligible Programs

Program Info
Program: Alexandria Scrubs Camp
Sponsoring Organization: HealthForce Minnesota

Main Contact
Name: Carrie Schnitzler
Title: Practical Nursing Facult
Address: 1601 Jefferson St.
Alexandria, MN 56308
Phone: (320) 762-4546
Web Site:
Curricular area: Science
Grades Served: 8 , 9 , 10 , 11


The goal of Scrubs Camp is to encourage student exploration into the healthcare sector. This is accomplished through the following objectives: The student will learn educational pathways towards multiple career fields in healthcare. The student will learn career pathways and advancement opportunities towards multiple career fields in healthcare.


Alexandria Scrubs Camp sessions will be taught by college/university faculty members, as well as experts in their respective career fields. The session will include a hands-on activity with follow up discussion regarding the respective career being presented. By the end of the session, the student will have an understanding of career day-to-day job duties, salary ranges, and educational requirements.

Program Dates

June 11-12, 2024

Can students reside on campus? No

Can students commute to campus? Yes

Can students take online classes? No

Estimated commuter cost per student
Tuition: $125
Fees: $0
Books: $0
Supplies: $0
Transportation: $0