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Summer Academic Enrichment Eligible Programs

Program Info
Program: Middle School 3-Day Speech & Debate Sampler Camp
Sponsoring Organization: MN Urban Debate League

Main Contact
Name: Neeyra Estrada
Title: Operations
Address: 2211 Riverside Ave CB 26
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Phone: (612) 330-1730
Web Site:
Curricular area: Performing Arts
Grades Served: 5 , 6 , 7 , 8


Students in 5-8th grade with or without speech/debate experience are invited to participate in Middle School Speech and Debate Sampler.

Each student will become an effective and confident public speaker after attending.

Students will build their empathy, persuasion skills, and confidence through giving a variety of speeches.


• Learn fundamentals of each overarching speech type (limited prep, public address, oral intepretation) • Research, write, and perform speeches daily • Get one limited preparation speech showcase ready • Get one public address speech showcase ready (unmemorized) • Get one oral interpretation piece showcase ready • Learn concrete skills to minimize speech anxiety and maximize confidence

These skills and content knowledge provided at this camp directly translate to classroom work. Speech writing and structure helps prepare students for success in their English coursework. Students are asked to consider multiple perspectives in crafting the content of their persuasive and informative speeches. Participants gradually gain confidence in public speaking through repeated, low-stakes exposure to an audience. This skill becomes useful in all aspects of life, and in any courses where students are required to do public presentations. Middle school students can also bring these skills to later high school speech competitions and other oratorical contests.

As students move from distance learning to in-person learning, it is particularly important to re-engage their voices and face-to-face interaction. Students will also learn techniques to mitigate public speaking anxiety and ways to cope when overwhelmed during in-person presentations.


We make learning speech engaging, fun, and competitive

Students learn to think on their feet and speak during games and practice rounds, improving moment to moment. We offer a low-stakes environment where you can build the skills students need to thrive at high-pressure tournaments during the season.

It's not all work and no play. Frequent breaks and a free lunch period are important for our camp model. We make time for rest and opportunities to connect with fellow campers. Whether a student likes outdoor fun, board games, or arts and crafts, they will enjoy the 'traditional camp activities' we try to integrate where we can.

Program Dates

Monday July 1st-Wednesday July 3rd

9 AM-3 PM

Can students reside on campus? No

Can students commute to campus? Yes

Can students take online classes? No

Estimated commuter cost per student
Tuition: $230
Fees: $0
Books: $0
Supplies: $0
Transportation: $0