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How much should students work?

Tim Post at MPR has a good story today Employed students about the price students can pay from working too many hours while in school.

As his story said, the choice for students is this: do I borrow more so I can work less and focus on my studies, or do I work more to keep my debt down but run the risk of shortchanging my college career? Students and educators alike agree that longer work hours can negatively impact studies.

In November, AP reporter Justin Pope wrote another story on this issue, titled: The other student problem: too little debt. Pope chronicled the dangers inherent in borrowing too little - primarily a longer path to degree completion. too little debt

Turns out there are risks in both approaches. I encourage students to talk to their family and school counselors to help them determine the best path for them.

posted by Sandy Connolly • 1/4/2012 at 4:23 PM


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