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Soft skills required

At the MnSCU Workforce meeting in Stacy, MN on Monday, the owner of a manufacturing operation was lamenting the lack of "soft skills" among some of his workers.

He went so far as to outline his "Ten Commandments for Career Success", as follows:

1. Be Positive - Attitude is everything

2. Show Up - On time, every day, reliably

3. Work Hard - Earn your keep, get something done

4. Get Along - Play together nice in the sandbox

5. Pay it Forward - Do more than is expected today, and you will

receive more than you expected.

6. Be Flexible - Willingly take on different tasks

7. Figure It Out - Be a problem solver, not a problem asker

8. Join the Club - Be proud to be part of your organization

9. No Whining - Communicate positively and well, don't be high maintenance

10. Keep Learning - If you don't keep up, you will become obsolete

Good advice for everyone!

posted by Sandy Connolly • 5/3/2012 at 10:06 AM


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