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AP Exams Taken by Specific Course


AP exams are offered in 297 Minnesota high schools. Availability of AP subjects varies by high school. The AP exam is open to homeschooled students and students whose high school does not offer AP. Students may take exams in more than one subject.

In 2013:

  • Minnesota students took AP exams in 33 different subjects.
  • Mathematics and science subject exams accounted for 32 percent of all exams. The number of subject exams in mathematics and science increased 7 percent from the previous year.
  • 38,772 Minnesota students took exams.

Search The College Board AP Course Ledger to find what AP courses are offered at Minnesota high schools.

Subject 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2013 percent of total exams
Art History2241912462251652262010.30%
Art: Drawing Portfolio1201171581501751751830.30%
Art: Studio -2D Design1201061461882202952800.40%
Art: Studio -3D Design48345362981111270.20%
Chinese Language and Culture112125165443450.10%
Computer Science A1781121952392602513770.60%
Computer Science AB31314000000.00%
Economics: Macro1,0411,5801,5732,0021,9022,2002,0383.10%
Economics: Micro84487585596411331,2781,4422.20%
English Language & Composition3,9674,2714,8255,0465,7916,6426,80110.50%
English Literature & Composition4,8414,6445,4936,0345,8135,8695,5068.50%
Environmental Science2133674255207178288411.30%
French Language2252182681582321992190.30%
French Literature36383400000.00%
German Language15210012610712282830.10%
Government & Politics: Comparative3423064324984305275440.80%
Government & Politics: United States1,8892,2002,6262,6952,6402,8413,2945.10%
History: European2,4902,4112,2812,2182,3752,6182,4423.80%
History: United States5,2145,7776,2606,8197,2857,7998,06312.50%
History: World1,4171,8372,3072,3182,6123,0223,5625.50%
Human Geography7541,2451,6372,1072,8903,1223,5855.50%
Japanese Language and Culture1516119113120.00%
Latin: Literature1824200000.00%
Latin: Vergil375374951530.10%
Mathematics: Calculus AB4,4264,4374,7764,8885,2185,3695,9519.20%
Mathematics: Calculus BC1,4141,5661,8201,7621,8262,1522,2513.50%
Music: Theory1741661372082072012030.30%
Physics B1,0651,0171,1461,1721,3931,5321,7002.60%
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism1981851782061992172480.40%
Physics C: Mechanics3333603824604984775480.80%
Spanish Language8217548668478387887751.20%
Spanish Literature275958767951580.10%
Total exams taken41,76344,28149,49753,23956,94262,02364,709100.00%

Source: College Board