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Staff Directory
Name Phone Email
Commissioner's Office
Dennis Olson, Commissioner(651)
Winnie Sullivan, Deputy Commissioner(651)
Chris Hendrickson, Executive Assistant to the Commissioner(651)
Sandy Connolly, Director of Communications(651)
Kat Klima, Communications Assistant(651)
Fiorella Gallia, Communications Specialist(651)
Financial Aid
For general questions about eligibility requirements, transcripts, application process, institutional reports and financial aid administration call (651) 642-0567 or (800) 657-3866
Meghan Flores, State Grant program(651)
Nancy Johnson, Program Assistant, State Financial Aid(651)
Brenda Larter, Program Assistant, State Financial Aid(651)
Jodi Rouland, Program Assistant, State Financial Aid(651)
Marilyn Kosir, SELF Loan program(651)
Sheila Price, SELF Loan program(651)
Andrew Wold, SELF Loan program(651)
Megan FitzGibbon, Minnesota GI Bill, Minnesota Indian Scholarship(651)
Research and Policy
Alexandra Djurovich, Student enrollment, demographics data(651)
Meredith Fergus, State Grant, financial aid data and analysis, SLEDS Coordinator(651)
Thomas Sanford, Postsecondary finance, tuition reciprocity(651)
Alex Hermida, Educational attainment, student debt, and study abroad(651)
Nekey Oliver, Government Relations Manager(651)
Private Institution Registration and Licensing
Betsy Talbot, Manager(651)
Kate McCartan, Regulation and Monitoring(651)
Brian Geraghty, Administrator(651)
Robert Helgeson, Auditing, Minnesota College Savings Plan(651)
Human Resources
Lynne Richárd, Human Resources(651)
Competitive Grants
Nekey Oliver, Manager, Grants and Government Relations(651)
Alaina DeSalvo, Competitive Grants Administrator(651)
Marcio Thompson, Outreach Coordinator(651)
Office Administration
Tim Geraghty, Chief Financial Officer(651)
Poawit Yang, Finance(651)
Joe Valasek, Information Technology Services(651)