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Aid From State Sources


The state of Minnesota devotes most of its financial aid to students from low- and moderate-income families. In Fiscal Year 2015, Minnesota students received almost $187.8 million in state need-based aid:

The state subsidizes a number of work study programs at schools around the state. In 2015, about 10,828 students earned $20.4 million in state work study jobs (includes 25 percent employer share of earnings).

Minnesota also operates a state loan program, the Student Educational Loan Fund (SELF), for students and families who have exhausted or do not qualify for need-based aid. In Fiscal Year 2015, 8,350 Minnesota students borrowed approximately $54.4 million in SELF Loans.

In 2013, financial aid totaling $3.3 billion helped Minnesota students and families pay for postsecondary education. The money was provided by the state and federal governments, colleges, and private sources. Minnesota students received $1.5 billion in grants or scholarships, $1.7 billion in student loans, $140 million in parent loans, and $47.6 million through work study earnings.