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Midwest Student Exchange Program


If you're a Minnesota resident (including eligible undocumented students), you're eligible for reduced tuition at a limited number of Midwest public and private schools and programs of study in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

Minnesota residents interested in a Wisconsin or North Dakota public school and Wisconsin or North Dakota residents interested in a Minnesota public school must apply for tuition reciprocity rather than the Midwest Student Exchange Program.

If you're a resident of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri or Nebraska, you're eligible for reduced tuition if you attend a Minnesota public college or university through the Midwest Student Exchange Program.

Please note that during the 2019-2020 academic year, Michigan announced they will no longer be participating in the program. The program will allow academic year 2020-2021 as a transition year. After 2020-2021, students from Michigan are no longer eligible for the MSEP benefit and students from other states can no longer attend Michigan schools with the MSEP benefit.

What Rate Do You Pay?

Students in the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) pay up to 150 percent of the resident tuition rate (which is still below the non-resident rate) at participating public schools or receive a 10 percent reduction in tuition at participating private schools.

When applying to a participating school, students must indicate that they are seeking admission as a MSEP student. The institution will evaluate the student's request for MSEP status and respond directly to the student.

Where Can I Get More MSEP Information?

Brochures listing eligible colleges, universities, and programs of study are distributed to high schools, and are available from the Office of Higher Education or online at the Midwestern Higher Education Compact.