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Create Your Own Tables Using DAS


Creating graphs and tables of financial statistics for undergraduate students in the U.S.

The graphs and tables on this website were generated using the Data Application System (DAS) available on the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) website leads you to the DAS online tool following these instructions.

The following links provide .tpf files (in a .zip file) to create your own graphs or tables. Information on using .tpf files.

Detailed instructions on using the NPSAS DAS and a practice exercise to illustrate creating tables.

If these files are used in the batch processor on the NCES website, they need to be adjusted to adhere to the following criteria:

All file names (.ZIP/.TPF/.CPF) must fulfill the following requirements
Begin with a letter (for example, A, B, C,…X,Y,Z)
Contain at least 2 but no more than 8 characters
Not contain spaces between characters
Not include symbols or special characters (underscore is allowed)

These guidelines are available on the DAS website.

Not familiar with the DAS? This short presentation introduces you to the basics of DAS usage and the NPSAS 2004.

Please Note: