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Benefits of Minnesota E-Transcript

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Benefits for Students

  • Students, parents and alumni can request transcripts at their convenience, 24/7 online
  • Automatic notifications sent to students when transcripts are processed and received, reducing anxiety and "did it get there????" support calls to the high school and college
  • Destinations can be selected by institution name alone -- no need to track down address and delivery information -- Docufide maintains a list of all colleges nationwide
  • Students can place a request during the semester and select the option to send after final grades have posted, avoiding last minute rushed requests
  • Instant electronic delivery to registered Minnesota and nationwide colleges and scholarship programs

Benefits for High Schools

  • Online student/alumni transcript request eliminating the need for a paper request process
  • Reduces the school staff's time commitment to processing transcripts, allowing staff to focus on other, more important student needs
  • Reduces costs by eliminating material costs to process transcripts
  • Reporting features allow school administrators to analyze where their students are applying, volume of transcripts and peak processing periods
  • Real time reminders ensure all orders are processed quickly
  • All transcript requests can be tracked for point of processing to point of receipt
  • The Minnesota e-Transcript is an easy way to implement a green initiative

Benefits for Colleges

  • Transcripts arrive instantly in a standardized, easy to read format
  • Real time order tracking dramatically reduces inbound student calls/emails about whether the transcript has been received
  • Ability to receive transcript in preferred format (PDF, PESC XML or SPEEDE EDI) expedites the loading of transcripts into student systems allowing for more rapid enrollment decisions
  • Built-in reporting feature allow for easy tracking and reporting on all transcripts received