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Educational Attainment Goal 2025

Working to increase the percent of Minnesotans age 25 to 44 who have attained a postsecondary certificate or degree to 70 percent by 2025

The 2015 Minnesota Legislature enacted legislation setting a target that 70 percent of Minnesota adults age 25 to 44 will have attained a postsecondary certificate or degree by 2025. Before that data could be measured, Minnesota needed to determine the current percent of the population age 25 to 44 with a certificate or higher by race and ethnicity.

Educational Attainment 2018

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Educational Attainment Reports

Educational Attainment: Age, race, gender and highest credential

This section highlights some of the age, gender, race/ethnicity, and highest credential characteristics of those with postsecondary credentials years 2007-2017. For purposes of comparison, some of the data will be grouped by minority and non-minority status. Minority groups will be grouped using the term “people of color and American Indians”. The non-minority group includes Whites only. Gender groupings are limited to female, and male.

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Persistence is key!

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education created a persistence model demonstrating how Minnesota's 70 percent educational attainment goal can be attained. Learn more.

Equity Attainment Initiative

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education has created a working group of state leaders to address these ongoing inequities. For more information contact:

Alex Hermida (, Research Analyst, Minnesota Office of Higher Education, 651-259-3919.

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