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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dual-Training Basics

What is a dual-training program?

What does related instruction look like?

What does on-the-job training look like?

Can I, as an employer, be a qualified related instruction training provider?

Does the state have a list of approved related instruction training providers that can provide training for the DTG?

Can I use part of the grant money for administrative expenses, including wages?

Can we be reimbursed for on-the-job training?

Must the student/employee enroll in a minimum amount of credits each quarter/semester?

We work with a related instruction training provider that bills our company after the training is complete. How will they receive payment?

How does reimbursement work?

Will we be penalized for an employee who leaves our employment while receiving this grant?

What if related instruction will cost less than $6,000/student?

Can we use the grant for current high school students, instead of high school graduates?

Are we penalized if we apply and are granted for 10 students/employees, but only end up identifying 8 students/employees?

What information will you make public? Can you explain what information you will share about the employer, related instruction training provider and student?


What if my company would like to apply for a DTG, but our occupations are not on the list?

How do I apply for the grant if I have student/employees from multiple occupations?

Can I apply as an organization on behalf of several employers?

I would like to work with multiple related instruction training providers. If so, what is the proper process to use?

Who completes the Training Agreement?

Can we submit our application early to ensure all steps are complete?

How do we submit the application?

If indicated on the forms, do we have to provide an ink-signature?

Eligible Students/Employees

Can I apply if I plan to use new hires for the dual-training program?

Is this grant only for new hires?

What happens if I have more student/employees that need training or want to apply again?

Will we need to provide the names of the student/employees as part of the application?

Can an employer offer a position contingent upon the completion of related instruction?

Can the student/employee participating in the dual-training program be an intern rather than a full-time employee?

Can an employee be temporary or part time, or does the grant only apply to full-time employees?

Does the employee have to attend related instruction during regular work hours?

Are there any requirements about my company be based in Minnesota?

Does the student/employee need to be a Minnesota resident?

How much time does an employee have to complete related instruction to qualify for the grant?

What happens if the student/employee drops the course and does not complete the training?

What if we terminate the student/employee or they quit the position while attending the training program?

Must every student/employee submit a FAFSA or MN Dream Act application?

We were awarded a DTG during a prior grant cycle, so can we reapply with the same students?

Are there tax implications for my business participant in the grant?

Process Questions

Who will make the decisions on the grant awards?

If I apply and am not selected for an award, is there a process for appeal?

Will I be able to see the scores of the review committee?

If I am selected for an award, what are the reporting requirements?


Can DTG funds be used for NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) credentialing, including the incurred expenses?

Can DTG funds be used to maintain a certification that was previously obtained but requires continuous education and certification?

Does the dual-training program need to result in a credential at the end of the program?

Does the exam leading to the credential need to be through the same Related Instruction Training Provider who provides the related instruction.

Can DTG funds be used toward a Certificate of Completion?

Employer Match

Can I pay the required employer match in form of wages or other in-kind contributions?

For the 25% employer paid portion, can we use our allocated tuition reimbursement and/or scholarship funds or do we need to pay this directly and not as a result of any other program?