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Application Assistance for Job Applicants



Applicants for State of Minnesota jobs may need assistance to access the State of Minnesota online job application. It is everyone's responsibility to provide excellent customer service and ensure a positive application experience. Below is guidance for responding to applicants' requests for help. In some cases, we must follow specific laws.

The Applicant Does Not Have Access to a Computer/Internet Connection

If an applicant needs assistance in accessing the state's online application because they do not have access to a computer or an internet connection, there are many resources available, such as workforce centers, public libraries, or if near the metro, an application kiosk at MMB. Work with the applicant to identify a location that makes the most sense. Below are some options.

Workforce Centers

There are approximately 50 workforce centers statewide. To locate a workforce center near the applicant, go to DEED's Workforce Center Location page and type in the applicant's ZIP code. You may filter by types of services if the applicant indicates a need for additional assistance or specialized services, such as vocational rehabilitation or veterans services.

Public Libraries

There are hundreds of public library locations statewide. To locate a public library near the applicant, reference the Minnesota Public Libraries page and locate the nearest city.

Community Partners

The State of Minnesota partners with many community groups such as the Minnesota Community Advisors on Recruitment and Retention Solutions (MnCARRS). These partners may be able to provide application assistance and other services to job seekers.

For a list of community partners, access the Minnesota Careers Community Partner's page.

MMB Kiosk

If the applicant lives near the metro area, the most convenient location may be the kiosk at Minnesota Management and Budget. Provide directions and/or parking information to the applicant.

Minnesota Management and Budget
Centennial Office Building
658 Cedar Street, Suite 400
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Take the elevators to the fourth floor. The MMB kiosk is on the fourth floor by the receptionist.

Getting to Minnesota Management and Budget


From the North

  • Take Interstate 35E South to University Avenue Exit towards the State Capitol and Hospital.
  • Stay straight to continue onto 12th Street.
  • Turn right on Cedar Street.
  • The Centennial building is on the right.

From the South

  • Take Interstate 35E North to the 11th Street Exit.
  • Continue on 11th Street and turn left on Cedar Street.
  • The Centennial building is on the right.

From the East

  • Take Interstate 94 West.
  • Exit 12th Street and continue on 12th Street.
  • Take a right on Cedar Street.
  • The Centennial building is on the right.

From the West

  • Take Interstate 94 East.
  • Exit 10th Street and continue on 10th Street.
  • Take a left on Cedar Street.
  • The Centennial building is on the right.

Light Rail

The Robert Street Station on the Light Rail Green Line is located approximately one block from the Centennial Office Building.


Metro Transit routes change frequently. Call Metro Transit at 612-373-3333 for current fare and schedule information or visit the Metro Transit website.


Metered parking is available in front of the Centennial Office Building on both sides of Cedar Street. Meters are also available behind the Centennial Office Building in the Orange Level of the Centennial Parking Ramp, entrance off Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

Disability Accessible Entrance

Public and disabilities access is at the east entrance. Enter from the driveway between the Centennial Parking Ramp and the building from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

The Applicant Does Not Have an Email Address

An email address is required to access the state's online application system. If the applicant does not have access to email, inform the applicant that there are many free web-based email providers available. It only takes a few minutes to create an email account by clicking on the "Sign up" or "New User" button on the site's homepage.

Some of the common free email providers are listed below. The applicant should select a provider that best meets their needs.

The Applicant Needs a Reasonable Accommodation

If an applicant requests assistance because of a disability, we are required to provide applicants with reasonable accommodations.

If the applicant needs assistance with accessing the online system or with completing the application because of their disability, refer the applicant to MMB Enterprise Human Resources staff at 651-259-3637. If the applicant needs assistance with the application or interview process for a particular job, refer the applicant to the Agency ADA Coordinator. To locate the agency ADA Coordinator, call the Agency contact indicated on the posting and ask for the Agency ADA Coordinator contact. If the applicant needs an alternative application process due to their disability, the Agency ADA Coordinator will refer them to MMB Enterprise Human Resources for assistance.

It is the state's responsibility to provide reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities through the hiring and selection phase where necessary to enable the individual to have an equal opportunity to participate in the application process and to be considered for the job. This responsibility includes paying for the accommodation. The responsibility to provide accommodation usually lies with the agency who is posting the job.

Common Reasonable Accommodations for Applicants

  • Assistive technology such as screen readers or speech recognition software
  • A qualified sign language interpreter
  • A qualified reader
  • Modification of a policy
  • Extended time for testing or other job demonstrations
  • Job coach services

Communicating with Individuals with Hearing Loss or Speech Disabilities Using Relay Services

An applicant with a hearing loss or speech disability may contact you via email or may use a relay provider of their choice. A relay provider is a specially trained communication assistant (CA) that facilitates a telephone conversation between an individual with a hearing loss or speech disability and a hearing person.

There are many relay providers, and generally an applicant will use a video relay service (a sign language interpreter functions like a CA in a telecommunications relay call except that they see and communicate with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing user via a video connection over the internet); a captioned telephone relay service (which functions like a regular telephone call in you hear the user directly, and your responses are heard by the CA and re-voiced through speech recognition technology into a computer which translates it to text on the Deaf/Hard of Hearing user's special telephone set), or a telecommunications relay service (both the CA and the Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Speech Impaired user uses a special telecommunication device to type out their messages on).

For more information about Relay, reference the Department of Commerce's Minnesota Relay page or contact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division.

Language Assistance for Applicants with Limited English Proficiency

Applicants who have limited English proficiency may need assistance in applying for positions and you may need the assistance of a qualified language interpreter to communicate effectively with the applicant. MN.IT Services contracts with the Language Line at $1.25 per minute to provide over the phone interpretation services.

  1. To access the Language Line, call 1-800-367-9559.
  2. Enter the 6-digit Client ID: 509052. Press 1 for Spanish, 2 for all other languages.
  3. Press 0 if you need assistance.
  4. Enter your agency or division's 6-digit Access Code. (If you don't know your Access Code, contact your agency's finance department or MN.IT's Service Desk at 651-297-1111.)
  5. Press #.
  6. An interpreter will be connected to the call.

For more information, visit MN.IT's Language Line web page.