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Facts About Institutions


How many postsecondary institutions are there in Minnesota?

There are nearly 200 public and private institutions. The number fluctuates frequently, as there are new institutions in the for-profit sector that become licensed or do not wish to renew their license throughout the year.

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What is the largest college in Minnesota?

At 51,147 total enrollment in fall 2014 the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus has the most students; with 31,989 undergraduates, 16,796 graduate students, and 2,362 high school students.

The University of St. Thomas located in St. Paul (with a branch campus in Minneapolis) has the largest campus-based enrollment for a private institution in Minnesota at 10,198 in fall 2014. It also has the largest number of undergraduate students (6,205) and graduate students (3,993).

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Where can I get a transcript if a school is closed?

The Office of Higher Education maintains a list of the location of students records from private schools that have closed, changed their names, relocated, or are otherwise difficult to locate or contact. This list includes private proprietary and not-for-profit schools as well as some out-of-state schools that have been licensed or registered with the state of Minnesota and schools which may have been licensed or regulated by other state agencies but used the term College, University, Academy, or Institute in their name.

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How do I know if a school is operating legally in Minnesota?

The Office of Higher Education provides consumer protection for students and prospective students. Two state laws require private and out-of-state postsecondary education institutions to meet state standards to operate legally in Minnesota.

Private and out-of-state institutions should review the standards and application procedures to determine their legal obligations before advertising or offering postsecondary education in Minnesota.

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