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Information for McNally Smith College of Music Students


Transcript Information

McNally Smith College of Music is in the process of sending transcripts and outstanding transcript requests to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Once our office has received transcripts, we will be begin processing the 800 outstanding transcripts already received by McNally Smith.

Due the number of transcript requests, please be patient with our office while we work through the large backlog.

If you have not requested a transcript through McNally Smith's system, please contact to request your transcript. Please include your name, program, and the contact information of where you would like your transcript sent. There will be no charge for transcripts for McNally Smith students through July 14, 2018.


Due to the nature of McNally Smith College of Music's closure, no refunds due to students are anticipated to be made. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Transfer Information

Information regarding transfer information has been updated at the McNally Smith College of Music website

McNally Smith Transfer Pathway to Metropolitan State University

Institution Name

Metropolitan State University


Multiple locations throughout the Twin Cities Metro area.


Sarah Koepke, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(O) 651-793-1306
(F) 651-793-1546


Carol Lacey, Faculty, College of Individualized Studies (experienced with facilitating transfer and degree planning for McNally Smith students)
(O) 651-793-1787

Available start dates to accept MSCM students

Spring 2018
Summer 2018
Fall 2018

Academic Programs and Degree Options

Information available on our website

Students admitted into the College of Individualized Studies design their own degree and create a focus that matches their unique experience. The College of Individualized Studies brings together transfer credits and degree plans that include required courses, student designed learning, credit for prior learning (learning from sources outside of a college), and partnerships with other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Degree planning can incorporate minors as desired by the student.

Are you willing to accept credits from McNally Smith students?
Yes. The number of college credits accepted will depend on the major. The College of Individualized Studies will accept up to 72 credits of previous college work considered technical in nature. Additional general education credit seeking to be transferred is possible through review.

If so, please outline your transfer process including any exceptions, guarantees, limits, etc.
Information available on our website.

While the Spring application is no longer available online, students can apply for summer at and notify us at, requesting the switch to spring. Classes for spring start on January 8, 2018.

Describe your transfer admission requirements, review process and timeline, including incentives for MSCM students
Information available on our website.

Please provide information about your financial aid offerings, including any incentives to MSCM students.
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Make sure to add Metropolitan State School Code: 010374.

Please describe available housing options.
We are a commuter campus.

Please indicate the best way for interested students to begin the process of transferring to your institution.
Contact: Sarah Koepke at or Carol Lacey at

Students with questions or concerns can contact:

Kate McCartan
Institutional Monitoring Specialist
School Licensure ad Registration
Minnesota Office of Higher Education