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Information for Argosy University


February 15, 2019

Update on Stipend Funds

OHE has received notice that students attending Argosy University that have been waiting for their federal financial aid refunds will not be receiving those funds to be used for critical living expenses like rent, food, and transportation. The US Department of Education will be discharging amounts owed to students on federal loans and re-setting lifetime Pell eligibility. While this step helps students in the long-run, it does not help students pay the bills they have today.

On February 15, 2019, OHE notified Argosy University that it classifies the schools in teach-out and that no new enrollments are permitted at the Eagan, MN campus or Minnesota residents into the online campuses. OHE also is seeking all out-standing refunds of MN SELF Loans be made to students by February 22, 2019. If that validation is not made, OHE will take steps to ensure Minnesota tax-payer funded aid programs are paid directly to students and make a bond claim of the SELF Loan funds to refund students.

February 11, 2019

Update related to the release of stipends:

Argosy University, through Dream Center Education Holdings, is under Heightened Cash Monitoring 2 (HCM2) status for federal financial aid eligibility.  Under HCM2 status, the school is only able to receive federal financial aid amounts that have been approved by US Department of Education.  The school no longer receives advanced payments from the US Department of Education to pay students at the start of each term.  Argosy University is required to make disbursements to students from its own institutional funds and then submit a request for reimbursement to the Department of Education.

This payment method is why students are seeing their financial aid applied to their student accounts.  This does not mean that the school has those funds yet from the US Department of Education, the money has already been spent, or that each Argosy University campus has the financial aid funds.

Even if all financial aid funds have not been yet received by the school, the receiver is still supposed to find a way to pre-pay students their financial aid refunds.

The media is reporting that $13 million is owed to Argosy students nationwide.  OHE has confirmed with Argosy University-Twin Cities officials that $1.38 million dollars in refunds are owed to Minnesota students.

The $1.38 million includes state financial aid and federal financial funds.  State financial aid funds include Minnesota SELF Loans and Minnesota State Grants.

The issue of federal financial aid refunds must be resolved by the receiver and the U.S. Department of Education. 

OHE is working out a process to ensure that students can receive financial aid refunds for state financial aid programs.

Resolving these issues may take time.  We understand that students need these funds to pay for books and living expenses for their programs.  When there is additional information available, we will update this website.

For more detailed financial information, please read this court filing.

February 8, 2019

There is a possibility that the Argosy University may close prior to students completing their program. In the event that you are not able to complete your program, you may be able to apply for a Federal Student Aid closed school discharge of your loan.  More information about the discharge criteria, process, and application can be found here.

You may be eligible for a discharge of your federal loans if:

  • You were enrolled when your school closed;
  • You were on an approved leave of absence when your school closed; or
  • Your school closed within 120 days after you withdrew.

You are not eligible for a discharge of your loans if:

  • You withdrew more than 120 days before the school closed;
  • You are completing a comparable educational program at another school
  • through a teach-out,
  • by transferring academic credits or hours earned at the closed school to another school, or
  • by any other comparable means;


  • You completed all of the coursework for the program before the school closed, even if you did not receive a diploma or certificate.

Stipends Update
The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) has been unable to receive confirmation that Argosy University students have received excess financial aid funds owed to them for the Spring 2019 semester.   It is the OHEs understanding that the US Department of Education is still working to get these owed funds to students.

In the event that students do not receive their excess financial aid funds and their financial aid included federal financial aid, there is a process for a federal discharge for the unpaid refund amount. 

The form for this loan discharge application can be found here.

This form is sent to your federal loan servicer.  If you do not know who is your loan servicer is, you can find this information at My Federal Student Aid.  This site will allow you to view information about all of your federal student loans and to find contact information for the loan servicer or lender for your loans.

Transfer Pathways
The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) has begun working with different colleges and universities as potential transfer opportunities for Argosy University-Twin Cities.  As information on these transfer pathways become available, OHE will update this website. 

February 1, 2019

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) has received confirmation from campus leadership that newly enrolled students at the Argosy University, Twin Cities campus (i.e., students that enrolled in their program for the first time at Argosy University, Twin Cities in spring semester 2019) will be provided a full refund of their spring 2019 tuition and fees, including e-textbooks, if those students choose to withdraw anytime during the spring semester.

This arrangement was approved by Charlie Dottore, of Dottore Companies, the receiver put in place to manage the financial situation for Dream Center Education Holdings.  As a result of this provision, OHE has permitted Argosy University, Twin Cities to continue to enroll new students at this time.

If students have questions or concerns, please contact OHE at 651-642-0567 or 1-800-6557-3866.

January 24, 2019
The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) has received confirmation from campus leadership that students currently enrolled at the Argosy University, Twin Cities, campus have been granted an extended census period effective through Friday, February 1, 2019.  Students who withdraw prior to February 1, 2019 are eligible for a full refund of tuition and fees.  In addition, all federal, state, private financial aid and personal payments will be refunded in full.

Argosy University, Twin Cities remains eligible for federal and state financial aid and accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission.
As more information becomes available, OHE will update its website at

If students have questions or concerns, please contact OHE at 651-642-0567 or 1-800-657-3866.

January 18, 2019

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) has received notification that Dream Center Education Holdings, the parent company of Argosy University- Twin Cities, has entered into receivership.  Argosy University-Twin Cities enrolls approximately 1000 students in Eagan, Minnesota.

OHE cannot guarantee Argosy University will remain in operation or that students retain access to federal or state financial aid through the conclusion of their program while enrolled at Argosy University.

Should Argosy University announce its closure, OHE will work closely with the US Department of Education, Argosy University leadership, and Argosy Universitys accreditor, WASC Senior College and University Commission, to reduce disruptions to students.  

As more information becomes available, OHE will update its website at

If students have questions or concerns, please contact OHE at 651-642-0567 or 1-800-657-3866