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Facts About High School Graduates


What percentage of high school graduates enroll in college? How does Minnesota compare nationally in terms of college participation?

In fall 2013, approximately 67 percent of Minnesota high school graduates enrolled in a postsecondary institution the fall following graduation. Seventy-two percent of college-going Minnesota high school graduates attended a Minnesota postsecondary institution; 28 percent attended postsecondary institutions outside Minnesota.

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What do the most current high school graduate projections show?

After peaking in 2010, Minnesota high school graduates are projected to show a steady decline until 2017. From 2017 to 2023, the number will increase slightly. The new high school graduate projections were developed by the Minnesota State Demographic Center for the Office of Higher Education.

Students of color will comprise about 23 percent of Minnesota high school graduates, up from 13 percent in 2005.

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What is the ACT score of Minnesota high school students?

In 2015, approximately 78 percent of Minnesota's high school seniors took the ACT test. Minnesota's average score of 23 was first nationally among the 30 states in which more than half the college-bound students took the test. Approximately 5 percent of seniors take the SAT.

Approximately 5 percent of seniors take the SAT.

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What types of colleges do high school graduates attend?

Approximately 28 percent of college-going Minnesota high school graduates attended a college out-of-state; 21 percent in Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin; and 7 percent in all other states. Of those who chose to study in Minnesota, 60 percent attended a four-year college.

  • 37 percent attended a state college
  • 20 percent attended a state university
  • 20 percent attended the University of Minnesota
  • 20 percent attended a private college
  • 3 percent attended a private career school

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