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Minnesota Paramedic Scholarship


The Minnesota Paramedic Scholarship will begin in Fall 2024

The Minnesota Paramedic Scholarship is a temporary scholarship program for Minnesota residents completing a paramedic diploma or degree. It was passed during the 2023 Minnesota Legislative session to increase the number of licensed paramedics in Minnesota. A one-time appropriation for $3 million will provide up to 600 scholarships of $5000 each starting Fall 2024 to be awarded by June 30, 2026.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the application process?

The MN Paramedic Scholarship is now open. Click here to apply.

Who is eligible?

Eligible students are Minnesota residents attending an eligible paramedic program. Students must be taking paramedic program courses to receive the scholarship.

Which paramedic programs are eligible?

Are there any prerequisites before starting a paramedic program?

All eligible programs require students to be a current Emergency Medical Technical (EMT) license holder before starting the program. Each institution has individual prerequisite requirements. Students should review the individual program requirements for necessary steps to enroll.

How much money can you receive?

Students can receive annual awards of $5000 ($2500 per academic term) and can receive the award twice.

When are the first awards sent to students?

Scholarship funds will be sent out starting Fall 2024. All funds will be sent to institutions to be applied to the student’s account.

How is the award determined?

Applications will be reviewed in order of date submitted with confirmation of enrollment from the institutions.

How are students notified about their scholarship?

Student award notices (financial aid offers) will be sent from the Minnesota Office of Education.

Can a student receive the scholarship for an Emergency Medical Technician program?

No, but all of the institutions with eligible programs offer EMT programs that can be completed before the start of their paramedic programs.

Do students need to start their Paramedic Program in Fall 2024 to be eligible?

No. Students do not need to start a Paramedic Program in Fall 2024 to be eligible. Students who are already in the middle of their program are also eligible. As long as a student is enrolled in Fall 2024 and taking required courses for their program, they are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Who do I contact with questions?

All academic, program-specific questions should be directed to the institution you are interested in attending.

For questions on the Minnesota Paramedic Scholarship, you can contact the Office of Higher Education at or (651) 642-0567 and select option 2.