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Finding Answers to Your Financial Aid Questions

Where to go with questions


At first glance, financial aid may seem confusing. However, by doing some simple research, you can understand the programs and learn how to apply for aid. There are several key people who can advise you on the best way to meet college expenses:

High School Counselors

High school counselors receive information and training on financial aid programs and can help students begin pursuing sources of assistance.

Minnesota Goes to College

Minnesota Goes to College is our state’s effort to provide graduating high school seniors with the preparation, opportunity, and support needed to apply and enroll in college. Each school year, participating schools, college access programs, postsecondary institutions and community organizations plan and host Minnesota Goes to College events for students and families. These events focus on college & career exploration, financial aid and Dream Act information, and application completion.

Financial Aid Administrators

Financial aid administrators at the school you or your student wants to attend (or is attending) are the best single source of information on the types of aid available to you or your student's needs. These aid administrators usually have some degree of discretion in assessing and making judgments on individual needs of students and may consider special circumstances affecting a student's financial need. View financial aid contact information for a school.

The financial aid administrator serves many functions:

  • Distributes and receives applications
  • Determines each student's financial need
  • Develops financial aid packages
  • Distributes financial aid
  • Provides professional counseling to students and families

Most financial aid money, no matter where it comes from, is made available to the student through the colleges's financial aid office. Contact the aid administrator well before the start of the school term and consult the school's catalog for application deadlines.

Your local financial aid administrators also may hold a financial aid event where you can learn more about how financial aid works and your aid options.

The Office of Higher Education

Our staff also are knowledgeable about financial aid programs and issues. If a high school counselor or financial aid administrator cannot answer your question, e-mail your question to us.